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Observance of Human Rights

Rosneft strictly follows Russian law, the Social Charter of Russian Business and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It recognizes the importance and value of fundamental human rights and freedom declared by the UN, including freedom of association, recognition of the right to collective bargaining, employment rights, rights to a favorable environment, health protection, and rights of indigenous peoples.

In respect of the observance of human rights, the Company follows the requirements of the ILO and UN Global Compact.

Principles of the Company relating to observing human rights are described in Rosneft’s Code of Business and Corporate Ethics and the Company Policy on Sustainable Development. All employees of Rosneft and the Group Subsidiaries are aware of the content of the Code of Business and Corporate Ethics, including information on human rights.

In addition, during interaction with its suppliers and contractors in Russia, Rosneft requires the observance of Russian labor laws, including meeting health and safety requirements. For foreign assets, standard approaches of the Company are taken as a basis, while local procedures are developed in order to comply with local laws.

The Company has required processes in force aimed at prompt responses to human rights complaints. The Security Hotline and Ethics Hotline are the key tools in this area. These hotlines are available both for the Company’s employees and for any other stakeholders’ representatives (written messages are accepted in all local languages used in the countries and regions where the Company operates). The Company guarantees confidentiality and security in relation to messages transmission. The employees can also contact experts on ethics working in almost all Group Subsidiaries on any ethical matter, including human rights aspects.

Check procedures are followed in respect of all facts, information on which is collected using specified feedback tools.